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Saturday, 03 February 2007
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Smart Homes and Smart Communities

Innovative control 

solutions for modern

integrated homes

the interface matters

Imagine a user-friendly smart home designed specifically so your home works for you. 
Imagine enjoying easy access to all home systems + net-connected services like traffic, weather, cams and much more....with the touch of a finger.  
Imagine a system far easier to install with semi-to-full custom interface options and yet very robust and dimensional.  An architecture so advanced it manages all systems, is updateable, simplifies the installation and user experience so it works for you...affordably.
Convergent develops innovative smart home / smart living solutions for the modern integrated home.  The solutions offer semi-to-full custom interface control with Flash-animated designs for IP, serial, and legacy IR systems on networked control appliances.   One seamless future-friendly solution that sells homes, differentiates entire communities, enhances homeowners' lives and offers enduring benefits for years to come.  See what a Companion or network of Companion control appliances can do for you by contacting a professional in your area for a free quote.
CineMate Theater control


Now an enhanced theater template for managing a sophisticated home theater leveraging Companion controllers like the new C15 or Muse handheld whole home remote.  Theater now offers enhanced serial control, a beefed-up support team and Professional Services division, and a new AniMate community for sharing and selling interfaces you create.

New Companion 15


The new fast Companion 15 boasts a very large and bright 15" TFT LCD with a cool desktop stand or VESA wall mounting options.  As with all Companion controllers, the C15 can be a standalone home control solution since it inlcudes all current applications and systems drivers or a custom-friendly  archtecture for commerical options or AniMate templates. 


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